Eric Hacker’s Complete Homebuying Guide for Southlake

Eric Hacker’s Complete Homebuying Guide for Southlake

  • Eric Hacker
  • 06/27/22

Located directly in the heart of Texas and situated between the bustling hubs of Dallas and Fort Worth lies the prestigious Lone Star community of Southlake. A haven for successful business professionals of Texas and beyond, Southlake offers top-tier luxury homes in an affluent community all within a stone’s throw of everything the Dallas Fort Worth area has to offer.

While the area known today as Southlake was settled by western expansion parties in the early 1840s, Southlake was not fully incorporated as a city until 1956, four years after the creation of Grapevine Lake, whose south shore is part of Southlake. In the 80s, this exclusive community became a booming suburb that attracted families and professionals primarily in the tech, finance, insurance, and manufacturing sectors, mostly in high business and managerial positions, establishing Southlake’s sophisticated community.

For the best homebuying insight in the area, look no further than expert real estate agent Eric Hacker to assist you in your dream luxury estate search. Eric’s exquisite and extensive portfolio of local connections and homes surpasses all competition in the everlasting hunt for glamorous properties in pristine Southlake, Texas.

Your guide to Southlake real estate

Get to know your idyllic community

Before diving into your homebuying search, it’s essential to take note of some Southlake demography for a full grasp of your new community. As stated above, Southlake residents are at the top of their respective industries, excelling primarily in the tech, finance, insurance, and manufacturing spaces for organizations both within Texas and beyond. The city’s primary employer is Sabre Holdings, a multi-national travel tech company founded in 1960 which is based in Southlake itself.
Southlake is home to 32,000 Texans, which grew from just 3,000 in 1980 and is now plateauing. Situated in the northeast corner of Tarrant County, Southlake sits advantageously between Dallas and Fort Worth for easy access via a bevy of freeway options for commuters. Not only are Dallas and Fort Worth easily accessible, but DFW International Airport is a mere ten minutes from Southlake for almost instantaneous air travel to and from your luxurious abode.

Set down community roots

Investing in your future means setting down roots, and we all want these roots to be as strong and deep as possible to establish strong community ties. Thankfully for prospective homebuyers in the Southlake area, a whopping 94% of residents are owners of their homes compared to the 64% of homeowners nationwide. You’ll get to know your neighbors and establish rich, long-term relations with your surrounding community, making your house a home just as much as your interior design does.

A strong-rooted community that’s dedicated to the area in which they live naturally leads to vital infrastructure and utility, but where Southlake exceeds expectations on a community basis comes in the form of education. Southlake offers five elementary schools, two “intermediate” schools, two middle schools, two high schools, and one college. The entire public school district is currently ranked as the largest all-exemplary school district in the state by the Texas Education Agency.

Check the weather and climate of your bucolic community

As we are in the Lone Star state, the summertime can heat up to around 96 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there’s no need to fret, as most properties in the vicinity of Southlake offer grotto pools and other watering holes for residents looking to cool off under the Texan sun. Additionally, outdoor patio space with pergola or gazebo opportunities are the norm on these ample properties to prioritize space for all homeowners. While the winters can drop to 37 degrees Fahrenheit, cozy dens and roaring fireplaces await residents as they seek refuge from the day’s cold in their Southlake homes.

Eat, shop, and explore Southlake’s endless activity and entertainment

Photo courtesy of Malai Kitchen
A prestigious community such as Southlake deserves the finest eateries and shopping amenities, and Southlake’s various restaurants and storefronts service their distinguished community to an exceptional degree. Starting with its culinary marvels, walk into TruFire, a progressive Americana establishment serving dishes with Italian and Mediterranean inspiration. If a Southeast Asian plate is more your craving, head on to Malai Kitchen, a haven for Thai and Vietnamese delicacies run by husband-and-wife team Branden and Yasmin Wages. Malai even specializes in Southeast Asian beers and cocktails native to the region.

After satisfying your taste buds with Southlake’s finest cuisine, cruise down to its lively Town Square for top-tier shopping and entertainment. Shop for trendy retail at Coach, Southlake Jewelers, and Banana Republic. If you’re looking for interior design accouterments, visit Brandi Renee Designs, Jordan Taylor & Co., or Williams Sonoma.
Photo courtesy of Timarron Country Club
When your stomach’s full and you’ve expunged your retail therapy, discover sophisticated Southlake institutions like Southlake’s Public Art scene and Town Square’s music and live performances. If you want to get active, hit the driving range at Timarron Country Club or explore Southlake’s bountiful park acreage.

Find your perfect Southlake estate with the help of Eric Hacker

A native of the Dallas Fort Worth area, Eric Hacker has the network and tools you need to find your lavish Southlake manor. Before real estate, Eric played professional baseball for 17 years as a pitcher for the New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, Minnesota Twins, and San Francisco Giants, where he won a World Series ring in 2012. Eric brings this spirited, innate competition and attention to detail with him in all facets of real estate, putting his client’s needs and desires over all else — and his track record proves it.  Connect with Eric today and take the first step in discovering your utopian Southlake home in the glorious Lone Star State.

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